neonprince (neonprince) wrote,

this is how we get together

when the clouds finally gave way to the idolaters and the fornicators, there was nothing but a mass of glitter and bad fashion. but what else can you expect at a madonna concert?

after paying $10, and not to those lowlife bums, geno and i made a couple of rounds in the arena to assess the fashion damage. you had your usualy fags in madonna costumes, trashy lating fags with way too many accessories and the straights who had no idea why there were there.

our seats were beyond great. we literally we at the end of the catwalk, where half the show takes place. when madonna came out of that huge disco ball, i felt nothing but a rush of pure happiness engulf me from head to toe. i forgot all my troubles for the next two hours and was simply in awe of this woman.

through the sweat beads coming down my face, i managed to keep my eyes locked on the woman whose career began around the time i was born and she still is the shit. it's amazing how after 20 years she is still around and selling out arenas around the world.

i about shit my pants when she sang 'erotica' and about fainted from the exhaustion of dancing when she sang 'ray of light'. 


but my absolute favortie performance was of 'let it will be' where she went all spastic and you can really tell she was having the best time on stage. oh yeah, and the 'disco inferno / music' mix was perfection.

i hate going to concerts because the next day you want to be back there so badly.

it was well worth the trouble we went through to get our tickets and i would gladly do it all over again.  fuckin' awesome.

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