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i have died

Talk of a Spice Girls reunion has swirled for weeks _ boosted by Sporty Spice herself _ and on Friday the vivacious five said they would make "an announcement to the world" next week.

Gossip took a major leap, and suddenly old film clips of the 1990s pop sensations were all over British television.

The statement issued by the quintet's management company seemed designed to move the rumors up a notch and stretch them out for a good week.

"Following weeks of speculation, the Spice Girls are set to make an official announcement to the world regarding future plans on Thursday, June 28," said the statement from 19 Entertainment. "Details regarding the announcement will be released in the coming days."

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i am so excited that we are going to SPICE UP OUR LIVES. if they don't tour this area, i'll cry. a lot. i cannot wait!)!*@!

Dec 7 - LA
Dec 8 - VEGAS
Dec 11 - NYC

Looks like I'm making a trip to NYC in December!!!!